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Are you interested in training in new ways? Find yourself bored of typical methods of exercise? Maybe suspension training will make you excited by fitness again. Versatile and reliant on only your own body weight, suspension training is a thrilling new way to increase your strength and stability.

Want to add a new method of training to your fitness repertoire? Suspension training has been growing in popularity over the last decade and many people have incorporated it into their exercise routines to great effect. To make sure you start off on the right foot, we offer suspension training classes and guidance from our site at the North Lakes Hotel and Spa in Penrith, Cumbria. Get in touch today to start discussing how suspension band training can help you reach your fitness goals.

What is suspension training?

Suspension training is a kind of resistance training that uses rope and webbing suspended from above to allow users to work against their own body weight.

Training with ropes has been around for hundreds of years, but the most popular method of suspension training today was developed in the 1990s by former US Navy Seal, Randy Hetrick. He first started working on the equipment while on deployment in 1997, using a jiu-jitsu belt and parachute webbing to create a rough prototype. Four years later this would go on to become the hugely successful TRX Suspension Trainer. Since then, bodyweight suspension training with the TRX has gone from strength to strength. In 2007 it was incorporated by the US Marine Corps as a training method.

What are the benefits of suspension training?

If it's good enough to be used by Marines, you can imagine how effective it is. Suspension band training is an excellent way of building strength, stability and more.

  • Suitable for any fitness level - slight adjustments in positioning can make movements more or less difficult depending on the user's ability. From complete beginners to seasoned athletes, everybody can get something from suspension training simply by adjusting angles.

  • Portable and versatile - you can use suspension bands to work out muscles all over the body. Their light weight and portability makes them easy to move around, so you can use them wherever there's something to secure them on.

  • Low-impact - because you are suspended and only working against your own body weight. This means there is less stress on the joints than with other types of resistance training, meaning the chance of injury is significantly lowered.

  • A fresh approach - exercise can become tedious, by trying new methods you can keep things fresh and exciting so you're more likely to continue. Suspension training provides just that: a novel, engaging approach.

  • Excellent for core strength - having to maintain your position and balance while suspended asks a lot of the muscles that make up your core. This translates to making everyday tasks easier, improving your posture and even helping prevent back pain

  • Good for unilateral training - allows you to work one side of your body at a time to help correct and prevent muscle imbalances. .

Why use Sculpt for suspension training?

  • You're in safe hands. Between them, our trainers have decades of experience so they know what to do in any eventuality.

  • Whatever your goals, our trainers can help. They have a wide range of specialisms covering strength and conditioning, pilates, life coaching and more.

  • Improving your health and fitness can seem daunting, we understand that and realise the battle is mental as well as physical. So, we take a holistic approach to make sure you feel better in both body and mind. We help you manage your expectations, so you don't get frustrated or overwhelmed.

  • Everything we do is tailored specifically to you. We'll give you a full personal training needs analysis, so you can incorporate suspension training in the most efficient way. Firstly, we'll look at your goals, current lifestyle and fitness, then we'll come up with a training program that's both effective and manageable.

  • Because of the portability of suspension trainers, we can even offer personal training in your home if you're within 20 miles of one of our sites.

Why not add something new to your training? We'll show you everything you need to use suspension training to achieve your fitness goals. Get in touch today to arrange a suspension training session.

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