One-on-one Personal Training

Do you want to change the way you look and feel about yourself? Worried you can’t do it on your own? One on one personal training gives you your own dedicated personal trainer to make sure you reach your goals.

Want your own personal training program and dedicated trainer? We offer one on one personal training services to help you become the best you can as efficiently as possible. Personal training is available from our site at the North Lakes Hotel and Spa in Penrith, Cumbria. Get in touch today to start talking to your future trainer.

Is personal training worth it?

We think so. But of course, we would.

Hiring your own personal trainer does cost, but it is the quickest and most effective way to reach your fitness goals. Even people whose livelihood comes from being physically fit like athletes, actors and bodybuilders use personal trainers to get in shape more quickly.

One on one personal training offers the following benefits:

  • Goal setting - working with a personal trainer helps you set better goals for yourself. It's natural to want things to happen quickly, so without assistance, you may end up setting yourself unachievable targets and become disillusioned. With the help of a knowledgeable trainer, you can set more realistic goals that you're more likely to reach and so, keep going.

  • Workouts tailored to you - you may be tempted to save money and look for a free exercise routine, however, this means you might not find one that's best suited to you. Your personal trainer will be able to use their extensive knowledge to give you a bespoke workout routine, tailored specifically to your current capabilities and your eventual goals.

  • Do things properly - with instruction from a qualified personal trainer you ensure you perform exercises in the correct way and avoid injury. This also means you'll progress more quickly if you learn how to do movements in the most efficient way. If you go in on your own without the right knowledge you could potentially hurt yourself and place yourself even further from your goals.

  • Adds accountability - having a trainer makes it harder for you to avoid the gym. Having someone you're paying to help and that's rooting for your success as much as you are means you let two people down if you don't stick to your routine. This helps in forming good habits like exercising regularly (even without your PT) and eating more responsibly.

  • Flexibility - trying to find the time to exercise properly can be difficult. You may even think you don't have enough time to spare, but a personal trainer can help identify gaps in your schedule so you can work out without giving up all of your time. Personal trainers are flexible too and can arrange to meet you for sessions whenever is convenient for you.

  • Positive effect on mental health - exercise can help ease depression and anxiety. With the additional motivation and accountability you get from a personal trainer, you'll be well on the way to developing habits that make you feel more positive in no time.

Why Sculpt Personal Training?

  • We have decades of experience between our trainers.

  • Our teams have a wide breadth of knowledge with specialisms across strength and conditioning, boxing training, pilates and more.

  • We take a holistic approach so you feel better in both body and mind. We understand that starting a journey towards better fitness can be intimidating and hard work, so we make sure to manage expectations and prepare you properly so you don't feel overwhelmed.

  • We'll give you a full personal training needs analysis. We'll take into account what you want to do, look at your current lifestyle and fitness first of all, then we'll come up with a personal training program that you can manage and will help you reach your goals.

  • Our trainers can even offer personal training in your home if you're within 20 miles of one of our sites.

Want to become one of our personal training success stories? So far, we've helped hundreds of people reach their fitness goals and improve their lives as a result. Get in touch and you can start discussing one-on-one personal training with one of our trainers today.

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