Functional Training

Do you want to make everyday life a bit easier? Are there some ordinary tasks that leave you completely drained? With how much focus there is now on exercise as a means of looking good, you might forget that it's supposed to improve your fitness. With functional training, the focus shifts from giving you a beach-ready body, to making your day-to-day life easier.

Are you sick of struggling with everyday tasks? With the help of functional training, they'll become less of a chore. We offer functional training and guidance from our site at the North Lakes Hotel and Spa in Penrith, Cumbria. Get in touch today to find out how a functional exercise routine can make your life easier.

What is functional training?

Functional training is exercise geared towards improving your function in everyday life. Rather than exercise focused primarily on improving your appearance, functional training seeks to strengthen your body in a way that translates directly into everyday tasks. It puts emphasis on exercises that strengthen the core muscles of the lower back and abdomen which help strengthen and condition the spine, and so prevent injury.

What are the benefits of functional training?

  • Ideal for rehabilitation - excellent for people recovering from injury or with movement disorders. The low-impact nature and focus on natural movements makes functional training perfect for regaining strength in those who have been injured and for helping correct and prevent issues in those with movement disorders.

  • Can ease the strain of pregnancy - carrying extra weight requires extra strength to function in the same way. With functional training, pregnant women can increase their strength and proficiency at certain movement patterns without worrying about injury. By using functional training, you can gain extra strength and stability to stop everyday tasks such as climbing the stairs from becoming much more difficult.

  • Makes things easier with muscle memory - the more your body performs a certain movement the better it gets at performing it and doing so quickly. This makes it so movements that were previously difficult can eventually be carried out with ease and without thought if they are performed enough. As well as being useful for everyday movements, this can also help with performance in sports, where certain movements may be required without much time to think.

  • Low impact - you won't be trying to break any world records with functional training, using low weight and focusing on getting better at movements rather than doing as much as possible means the chances of injury are low. So functional training is an ideal starting point for you if you're new to exercise or have taken a lengthy break.

  • Helps combat our sedentary daily lives - a lot of people nowadays have jobs that see them sat at a desk for hours on end, because historically humans would not sit down for such extended periods, our bodies are not used to doing so. This means that our lifestyle can cause muscles in the posterior chain - such as the hamstrings, glutes and lower back - to weaken. This can lead to knee pain, back pain and even headaches. Functional training can help correct this and make your life more comfortable.

Why use Sculpt for functional training?

  • You're in safe hands. Our trainers have decades of experience and all the knowledge to go along with it, so they know how to help you in any situation.

  • Our teams have a wide range of specialisms including strength and conditioning, life coaching, pilates and more. So, whatever you want to do, we'll be able to help.

  • We understand that getting fit can be a daunting task. Whether you're recovering from injury or slimming down for a big event, it can seem an uphill battle. So, we make sure to take a holistic approach to your training to help you feel better in both body and mind. We do all we can to stop getting fit from seeming like an impossible task.

  • Everything we do is tailored to you. Firstly, we'll give you a full personal training needs analysis so we can work out the best exercise plan for you based on your goals, lifestyle and current fitness level. By doing this we can create a plan that's manageable for you and makes your goals all the more achievable.

  • Our trainers can even offer functional personal training in your home if you're within 20 miles of one of our sites.

Why not take steps towards building more functional strength to make your life easier? Whether you want to recover from an injury, pre-empt the effects of ageing or build a strong foundation, a functional training program can help you. Get in touch today to arrange your first functional training session.

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