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What is Pilates?

Pilates is now one of the most popular exercise systems in the country. The reason for this is due to the wide range of people it can help. Pilates movements allow you to discipline the muscles of the body by strengthening the deep core stabilizing muscles which are responsible for protecting the spine and other joints of the body. These strengthened muscles provide you with improved posture and protection from injury.
Pilates is also great for improving flexibility and it is being utilised by a growing number of elite athletes to keep their bodies in tip top condition.
There are also huge mental benefits to practicing pilates. By giving full attention to your movements you develop improved concentration and mind/body awareness which has a positive effect on general wellbeing.
Why one to one?
Classes are a great way to learn Pilates, however the most effective way to learn the basics is through some one to one sessions. This allows you to progress through the steps of Alignment, Breathing and Centering (A, B,C’s) at a pace that suits you.

During these sessions the trainer will identify any physical strengths or weaknesses you may have and possibly postural issues as a result of historic injury or simply bad habits. This means that every exercise during your session will be chosen by the trainer to address these imbalances, thus insuring you get the most from your sessions.
Also having 100% of the trainer’s attention as you work will ensure you learn to carry out the exercises safely and correctly.

And finally having one to one sessions means you can dictate the time, location and frequency of your sessions.
If required a tailor made Pilates plan can be developed for you to progress with your pilates exercises at home.
One to one sessions are available in the following:
  • Introduction to Pilates – 100% attention so you effectively learn the basics
  • Intermediate Pilates – Hands on assistance to improve your pilates technique, or for individuals who want to progress their pilates beyond the standard of a class based session.
  • Sport specific Pilates i.e. Horse riding, Running, Skiing etc
  • Mindfulness Pilates – Sessions specifically tailored to focus on tension or stress relief
  • Pilates for rehabilitation following referral from Physiotherapist or other health care practitioner- in order to re-educate the functional balance of muscle, deep tissue and joints in a way appropriate to your requirements.


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